Virtual Classes Announcement!

Keeping busy, and staying healthy is important during this tough time!
That is why we are starting Virtual Classes for ALL starting Monday, March 30th!
Effective today, everyone's accounts will be frozen until further notice. That includes class packs, as well as auto-pay clients.
Starting tonight you will be able to go onto Mind and Body as if you were signing into a class. You will see virtual classes with the instructor and the time.

You will get 2 options:
$55 for Unlimited virtual classes per week
$15 per virtual class

You will not be able to take the virtual class without payment first.
Classes will be Monday thru Friday at 9am with an additional 6:30pm class on Monday and Wednesday.
Once a payment is made you will recieve an email confirmation with the Zoom ID that will allow you access to the class. You will need to make an account if you have not already made one. You can download the app on your phone, or sign up on their website.

Zoom Website:

We're hoping these virtual classes will take you back to your normal pilates routine for the mean time. All you will need is yourself, a mat, and some small hand weights.
Don't have any of that? Dont worry! Improvise. Use a towel, cans, or whatever you have on hand. It's important we get our bodies moving during this time and that's what we aim to do!

For any further questions call or text Melanie at 516.238.8308